Building a sustainable business

Building a sustainable business

I watched Ali Tabriz’s ‘Seaspiracy’ a few months ago and, like so many others, I found it a shocking watch. Of course, when I decided that I wanted to bring a reusable bottle to market, I had done my research and knew there was an enormous problem that I wanted to help solve in my own little way. I had already decided that I wanted to help reduce the use of single-use plastic waste to help protect our environment and clean up our oceans. However, seeing the video footage of the devastation caused by all types of plastics in our oceans put the magnitude of the problem into perspective and added another layer of urgency to the problem we are trying to solve.

The stats

No matter your opinions on ‘Seaspiracy’ and the arguments Ali Tabrizi puts forward, I’m sure we can all agree that he shines a light on some very important issues affecting our seas and marine life. 

Here are some of the statistics:

  1. The world produces 380 million tonnes in plastic waste each year and 50% is single-use plastic that is used for just a few moments and discarded on the planet for at least several hundred years. (Source: Plastic Oceans)
  2. Humans buy about 1 million plastic bottles per minute and use 500 billion disposable cups every year. (Source: Earth Day)
  3. Historically, we have recycled only 9% of all the plastic waste we produce. (Source: National Geographic)
  4. 10 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our seas every year. That’s equal to more than a garbage truck load every minute(Source: Plastic Oceans)
  5. 90% of tested seabirds and 100% of tested sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs. Scientists estimate that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050! (Source: NRDC)
  6. Not only is plastic estimated to kill millions of marine animals and seabirds each year, but it is also contaminating seafood that humans have relied on for millennia. (Source: NRDC)

Making sustainability stylish

When I looked at the market for reusable drinkware, I noticed that there was a gap in the market. There were no reusable bottles or cups that I thought looked stunning and glamorous, so I wanted to fill this gap. I wanted to create the type of reusable product that you would love to carry around for your daily activities, would look great at dinner with your favourite person, and wouldn’t even look out of place as part of an outfit for a special occasion. Essentially a cross between fashion, practicality and sustainability. I wanted to make sustainability sexy, and the Original Icey Bottle does just that!

Shop Now

Sustainability is important now more than ever and we all have a small part to play in fixing the problems facing our environment. Single-use plastics are a part of this problem, and we can help to deal with them by investing in reusable alternatives. So, why not buy an Original Icey Bottle, take another small step towards protecting our environment, and look gorgeous in the process!

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