Welcome to Icey!

Welcome to Icey!


I’m so excited to be launching my new brand, Icey - thank you for visiting our website! 

So, introductions first! My name is Gillian, the founder of Icey, but my family calls me ‘Gill’, so feel free to do the same as I’m hoping you’ll be joining the Icey family soon! I love to get to know my customers, so please do visit one of our social media pages, introduce yourself and let’s have a chat!

The inspiration: how it all started

From building successful careers to caring for our loved ones and everything in between, we all have different responsibilities and roles to juggle, whilst also working hard to achieve our personal goals and dreams. And, I’m sure you’ll agree, sometimes it’s the little things that help to keep us going - beautiful things can make even the most mundane of tasks a little more interesting!

I started this business during my second maternity leave after I spotted a reusable cup my sister was using that I thought was functional, socially responsible and also looked great. However, I noticed a few things that I felt I could tweak and improve for ladies who love beautiful, luxury items that make small tasks like staying hydrated a little more exciting.

With Icey, I hope our products will make you feel special and empowered to juggle all your different hats, equip you with the functionality to make that process a little easier, whilst also helping you to make a difference in our world. 

So, the first product we’re launching is the Original Icey bottle, a glamorous, insulated, reusable bottle, entirely covered in beautiful, sparkly glass crystals. It’s stunning (yes, I’m biased - but genuinely, the sparkle is breathtaking!), functional and also sustainable. The perfect combo for people like us!

The Icey Promise: giving back

It was important to me when launching my brand to make sure that I built in an element of giving back to others. So I decided that, for every Icey product that you buy, I will donate at least 10% of the profits to charitable organisations that support and empower other people like us to build a better future for themselves. I call this the ‘Icey Promise’. If you’d like to stay updated on the Icey Promise, please sign up to our mailing list as we’ll be sharing updates on our charitable donations through this blog.

Shop Now!

Ok, that’s it from me for now! Don’t forget to purchase your Icey bottle before you leave and let us know what you think once you’ve received it! 

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